Cpt underpants FEATURED

The cover of the the book looked like it was gonna be

Captain Underpants and the Terrifying return of tippy tinkletrousers cover

On the cover of Captain Underpants and the terrifying return of Tippy Tinkletrousers, it shows Tippy in the top half of his robotic suit with George and Harold in his left hand, and he is about to capture Captain Underpants with his right hand. In fact, the hand is about 5 feet away from the captain. However, the story didn't have anything AT ALL related to that. And on chapter 8, Break in two: Electric boogaloo, Captain Underpants breaks Tippy's hard work in half, leving only the pants. So the top half was done right then and there. (And I will get to the pants in a minute.) On the cover, it looks like all hope is lost. But he doesn't even try to capture Captain Underpants. He tries to frezze him. Im sure the last thing Tippy would want is to capture him. The cover needed a more appropriate picture. One with Tippy capturing George and Harold with his pants and him firing his FB4000 at the captain. And THAT was about to capture him.

The robotic pants

Now, a lot of people know what happens in chapter 8. Well, everyone who has read the book. Captain Underpants is bored of being chased, and traps Tippy's feet in ice, and this ends Chapter 7. Chapter 8 begins with it showing the insides of the suit and Tippy ducking before Captain Underpants pulls the top half of the collosal apart. Then, he runs down the stairs into the depths of the pants. And when Tippy is safley in the bottom half of the suit, Captain Underpants tears about Tippy's hard work with the controlls. And It looks like now Captain Underpants has won. But no. For some odd reason, Tippy decided to store his Time machine in the pants. And as a last resort, he goes back 5 years ago. And for the next 200 pages, it discusses George and Harolds bully problem. Then, in Chapter 30, Tippy returns and it mentions that he went back in time to the night where Kipper Krupp and his three goons were running out of the building. In Chapter 31, he scares the bullys and goes 4 years later. Then, in Chapter 32, the world is destroyed. In chapter 34, it discusses that the seires is over, since Captain Underpants never existed. But then, page 302 and 303 announce that book 10 is still coming. The book ends there, and page 304 just consists of other books. Okay, fine. Just a time machine right? WRONG! In book 10, Tippy is able to freeze Kipper, yet the freezy beam controller in in the top half of the suit. Then, he is somehow able to move without pressing any buttons. In fact, he even stored ROBOTIC BOXERS under the pants. 

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