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Dr. Diaper's Robots were robots working for Dr. Diaper.

Book 1

After George Beard and Harold Hutchins were chasing Captain Underpants through Piqua, the robots stole a crystal at a shop for the Lasermatic 2000 to work. They went in a van and Captain Underpants' cape got stuck on the van's door with George Beard and Harold Hutchins hanging on. They stopped at Dr. Diaper's warehouse and the evil team captured Captain Underpants. Dr. Diaper initiated the Lasermatic 2000 and it would be finished in 20 minutes. George and Harold found some planks in the warehouse and destroyed the robots. Afterward, they shot a piece of fake dog doo-doo and Dr. Dipper and he was distracted. They rescued Captain Underpants and pulled the self destruct lever on the Lasermatic 2000. Captain Underpants shot his underwear and in landed on Dr. Diaper's head. They went to a police station and it was closed so they hung on a pole near by for him to be arrested.


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