Dog Man on Dog Man Book Cover

Dog Man is a comic book character George and Harold created in kindergarten after they got sent to detention by Mr. Krupp.

Dog Man used to be two people: a police dog named Greg and his partner, a policeman (known as "Knight" in the standalone Dog Man book). One day Greg tried to help the policeman stop a bomb, but the two were blown up. In the hospital, the officer's head started to die from the accident, and Greg's body was dying as well. But the "nurse lady" had an idea to keep Greg and the officer from dying: they replaced the officer's head with Greg's and then Greg became known as the amazing Dog Man. At the end of Captain Underpants and The Attack of The Talking Toilets Color Edition, a teaser for the Dog Man Comic Book is coming out soon with different comics inside the book and it will be the 4th epic novel by George and Harold.


Dog Man currently appears in four comic books by George and Harold:


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