Finkstein is Kipper Krupp's right-hand man of his goons. He has long hair which covers his eyes. Like his friends, he likes picking on kindergartners.


Finkstein has long brown hair that often covers his eyes. He sports a green T-shirt, grey-blue shorts and a pair of sneakers.


Like his friends, Finkstein is cruel, sarcastic and nasty.

Role in the book

Finkstein and his friends are treated like royalty at school. When Harold Hutchins, aged 6, walks to school and hides behind a gas station sign, he gets caught and Kipper and his thugs beat him up. George Beard, aged 5 and three quarters, beats up the goons with his tie. He and Harold make friends and publish their first comic: Dog Man.  Soon, the boys get revenge on Kipper by putting dolls, dresses and friendship bracelets inside his locker and by giving the children back their money. Kipper then purchases a pick-proof padlock and soon George and Harold put spiders and ectoplasm inside the bullies' locker and produce a comic book called Wedgie Magee. The bullies then start being kind to the kindergartners. In the alternative ending, Tippy Tinkletrousers appears and scares the bullies so badly, they go insane and are put in a  mental institution. This causes Mr Krupp to take the blame and lose his job. Tippy then travels to an Earth almost devoid of life. He then travels back in time to when the bullies were scared. He freezes them, and leaves so they don't witness anything and history resumes its normal pattern. 

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