Lan is Master Wong's daughter and Ook's wife. It is unknown what became of her mother, so either her father is a widower or he is divorced. She first appears as a little girl and Ook and Gluk learn martial arts at her dad's school and Ook falls in love with her. Later, the boys fight Chief Goppernopper and JP's minions. JP then sends the boys a note that he has taken Mr. Wong and Lan prisoner and will kill them if they don't give up. Ook and Gluk are then captured as well and remember their training and ask JP and the Chief who is the greatest man. They fight and the Chief is destroyed with a laser pistol. JP then realizes too late that he killed his ancient great-grandfather before his children were born and as a result, he and his company never existed. The world is then free of Goppernoppers and the boys and Lan return to Cave Land where she marries Ook.

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