"Supa-Mega Tippy," AKA "Tiny Tippy," is Slightly Younger Tiny Tippy's Treacherous Twin.

His Robo-Pants

Supa-Mega Tippy's Robo-Pants, are equipped with the Tinkle-Time Travelometer, Food-Server, Games, the Freezy-Beam 4000's "off" & "on" buttons, the Emulsifying Sossilflange Inhibitor, the Reverse-Somgobulating-Tracto-McFractionalizer, Robo-Gloves, Or Extendo-Flex Mechani-Grippers, ones that come out of his "Robo-Butt," or his Giant "Robo-Rear," and the top of his Robo-Pants, a Giant Pair Of Scissors, A Giant Pair Of Wire-Cutters, a Giant Nuclear-Bomb, & The Food-Server's Known Buttons, are Onion-Rings, Shake, Fries, Diet-Soda, Root-Beer, Iced-Tea, Golden-Fried-Chicken, S'mores, Grape Soda, Strawberry MilkShake, & the Low-Fat-Mint-Chocolate-Chip-Cookie dispenser. 

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