The Adventures of Dog Man (misspelled on the cover as The Advenchers of Dog Man) was a comic written by George Beard and illustrated by Harold Hutchins in their kindergarten, after being sent to detention by the school principal Benjamin Krupp.


The story centers around a police man named knight and his dog greg who were skilled at tracking down and arresting criminals. One day while on duty, the pair were attempting to disarm a bomb, but were too late and the bomb detonated, injuring them both. An ambulance was called and took them to a hospital, with the two in bandages. At the hospital, their doctor came in and announced that Greg's body was in too damaged to heal, as was his owner's head. But their nurse had the idea to stitch Greg's head onto his owner's body. After a successful operation (as well as Greg's tail also apparently being attached to the officer's body), what was Greg's head and tail attached to his owner's body became known as Dog Man. Dog Man became infamous in the city for being able to use his dog senses to track down criminals more efficiently than other policemen. Dog Man also communicated with his fellow officers by making dog noises (barking, panting, etc.) to announce where the criminal they were attempting to find was, and how to get there. In one instance, Dog Man helped a team of police find a criminal who was hiding on the roof of a bank, and the officers got to him by climbing "the bark of [a] tree".

It was explained that, because Dog Man still had the mind of a dog, was terrified of vacuum cleaners. Watching as Dog Man fled from a vacuum cleaner, Petey, an antagonistic cat, built his own vacuum cleaner for criminal purposes, first vacuuming money out of a bank. When Dog Man arrived to stop the robbery, the vacuum cleaner chased him, and Dog Man immediately retreated. After being chased for some time, Dog Man was cornered by the robotic vacuum cleaner, who got closer to him, leaving Dog Man terrified. When the vacuum cleaner leapt in for the kill, its cord got unplugged and was powerless. No longer scared of the robot, Dog Man demolished it and followed the cord to Petey's hideout and arrested the cat. Dog Man was hailed as a hero and he and his fellow officers celebrated the victory with some non-alcoholic wine, cheering him.


  • The Adventures of Dog Man was mentioned before in the "About the Authors" section of the graphic novel spin-offs of other comics.
  • The operation seen would not have been that simple, although there may have been more to it than what was shown.