The "Deliriously, Dangerous, Death-Defying Dandelion of Doom," was an large, evil dandelion created from Super Evil Rapid Growth Juice.

Book 3

George Beard and Harold Hutchins disposed of the Super Evil Rapid Growth Juice from Zorx, Klax, and Jennifer by pouring it outside of the dandelion. It grew as large as a two story building. When George, Harold and Captain Underpants parachuted from the exploding spaceship on Captain Underpants' cap, Captain Underpants landed into the dandelions' mouth, right by the rooftop of Jerome Horwitz Elementary School. George and Harold dropped to the roof and poured the Extra Strength Super Power Juice into Captain Underpants' mouth. He gained extra strength and defeated the dandelion by ripping himself out of its' mouth, kicking its head, and snapping its trunk.


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