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The “Robo-Kitty 3000,” AKA the “Supa-Mecha Kitty 3000,” is a giant, robotic cat made by the evil Dr. Dilbert “Dinkle” and is operated by “Petey,” the world’s evilest cat. It only appeared in the book, “Super Diaper Baby Two, The Invasion Of The “Potty” snatchers.” You see, “Rip Van Tinkle” used “scrap” metal to build the “Robo-Kitty 3000. Also, it took 24 hours to build. It was used to destroy toilets. Petey’s Robo-Kitty 3000 also was used to steel ALL of “Piqua,” Ohio’s diapers. Later, Petey’s Supa-Mecha Kitty 3000 was used to fight Billy and “Diaper Dog.”

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