Thirty-Nine-&-Three-Quarters-Year-Old George Beard & Forty-Year-Old Harold Hutchins

Adult George and Harold

Both Male
Young Alias
Only appearance

Thirty-Nine-&-Three-Quarters-Year-Old George Beard, & Forty-Year-Old Harold Hutchins, are the Grown-Up-Teacher-Versions, of the original George & Harold.

Captain Underpants and the Revolting Revenge of the Radioactive Robo-Boxers

While Tippy TinkleTrousers was kicking around Mr. Krupp, George and Harold couldn't hear the fight going on due to two teachers screaming at their students. When Old Mr. Krupp arrives and tells the teachers to get the students into class, George and Harold discover that the screaming teachers are themselves in the future. It is revealed by the adult George and Harold that the vow present-day George and Harold made on focusing more in class and start acting like adults is what caused them to become greatly similar to the teachers they were used to. Immediately, George and Harold make a new vow to undo their previous vow and promise to always be themselves. As a result of this, the adult George and Harold disappear and it is unknown if they still exist in the future (albeit with different personalities).

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