Hello, Captain Underpants Wiki, this is Concernedalien11780. I have been a fan of the book series ever since grade school, and even from a young age I could tell that Dav Pilkey was on to something with the series. It wasn't just a series full of immature potty humor and teaching kids to hate adults. Now that I'm older, I actually understand the subversive elements of the series. I haven't read the series since it went on hiatus, but I remember things such as how he pointed out the hypocrisy of parents celebrating their child's ability to go to the bathroom when their children are in preschool only to decry mention of it from elementary school onward. I've recently learned about new developments within the series, such as the quasi-progressive move to make George and Harold gay (but married to other people rather than each other, which I find confusing) and the duo's decision to move on from writing about Captain Underpants and instead write a comic series about Dog Man after Mr. Krupp had his hypnosis removed from his brain, effectively "killing" Captain Underpants. Does this mean that the Captain Underpants book series is over and will be replaced with Dog Man? Maybe. We'll just wait and see. I've also found out about DreamWorks Animation's upcoming film adaptation set for release in 2017, with the voices of Ed Helms (The Hangover) as Benny Krupp/Captain Underpants, stand-up comedian Kevin Hart (who I've found to be much better at stand-up comedy than acting in comedy movies and TV) as George Beard, Thomas Middletitch (HBO's Silicon Valley, Disney XD's Penn Zero: Part Time Hero) as Harold Hutchins, Jordan Peele (Comedy Central's Key And Peele) as Melvin Sneedley, Nick Kroll (Comedy Central's Kroll Show, FX's The League) as Professor Poopypants, and possibly Sarah Silverman (Comedy Central's The Sarah Silverman Program, Disney's Wreck-It Raplh) as Ms. Ribble. I don't know for sure if the movie will be any good, seeing as how it's supposed to be a low-budget side-movie for DreamWorks, but if the cast and writers are up to game, then I think it will have a fair show. This wiki seems pretty underdeveloped, so I'm going to make this one of the wikis I put on my final list of wikis that I will consider regularly engaging in the most. I disabled comments because of how I'm paranoid, so if there is anyone on this wiki that wants to talk to me, please do so on the message wall on my userpage. Thank you for having me, and see you on the wiki.

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