Hullo. I've decided to attempt to adopt the wiki, considering how there are no active admins. In fact, I couldn't even find any using Special:ListUsers. However before I can request to do so, I must get your approval first!

Here are several things I will/can do if I am promoted.

  • Delete unnescessary articles
  • Block users that are spamming/vandalising the wiki
  • Promote users that are worthy of becoming admins

And most importantly...

  • Change the horrendous wiki background

I will also try my best to edit articles so that you can actually learn a thing or two from them. 

So please comment if you think this is a good idea or not! 

EDIT: Oh yeah. I was going to make a seperate blog post about this, but I suppose this is a rather good place to mention it.

So.. as with all movie adaptions, there's obviously going to be differences between the movie and the book(s). I do know that wikis like The Hunger Games wiki include movie info on character pages, however even as revealed in the trailer, there will be some plot differences. For one, in his office, Mr. Krupp threatens George and Harold by showing video footage of their prank to the football team, but in the trailer he threatens them by saying he'll put them in a different classes. That plotline doesn't come in until the 11th book. As well as that, I don't remember George or Harold going to a rave party. I haven't watched The Hunger Games movies, but I'm pretty sure they stayed pretty close to the book.

Anyways, please don't include info or images about the movie characters on the book characters' articles. It'll just get confusing.

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