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Robo-George, is a Enemy-Robot in the "Captain Underpants Series".&nbsp

"The colassal Harold 2000", is the same thing,

Wedgie Woman is the Alter-Ego of Tara Ribble

Book 5

It was a sunny day at Jerome Horwitz Elementary Ms Ribble's having a retirement party, Edith had her word. She had turned the Gymnasium into a VERY nice wedding hall complete with food, decorations & a 8-foot high ice sculpture. The organist began to play. George & Harold had no Trix planned, 4 once, Ms Ribble destroys the wedding. she thinks she's got George & harold Butt the wedding cake fell on 'er head. George & Harold luckily escape:) Later after the boys hypnotized Ms Ribble, and in there Tree-House, Ms Ribble declares herself as "Wedgie Woman". George crouched down into a ball, and they sent the ferocious female toppling bacwards right into the wall...KLUNK! the bookshelf above her head shook violenty causing an EXTRA-STRENGTH SUPER-POWER-JUICE carton to topple over. A stream of glowing green juice poured out of the Carton, directly into the tightly woven beehive of hair atop Wedgie Woman's head, giving her Gienius-Leveled-Intellect & Super-Powered Hair, Later, Wedgie Woman headed to the centre of town 2 meet up with Robo-George & The Harold 2000, Later, Tara Ribble is back to hetr old self:)

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