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Zombie Nerd George & Zombie Nerd Harold, are two of the Biggest, Evilest-Looking Zombie Nerds you've ever seen

Book 9

Zombie Nerd Harold lifts his foot above Tippy's head.  he stomps him into a bloody puddle, Zombie Nerd George, just laughs his head off. 

Book 10

If you read the last book, you may recall the final uderly terrifying scene where Tippy Tinkletrousers, ended up cowering beneath the gigantic foot of Zombie Nerd Harold, leaving behind a red squishy stain.  Tippy didn't get stomped into a bloody puddle, it turns out, it was a Giant-Over-Size-Novelty-Ketchup-Packet that Zombie Nerd Harold had stepped on, not, I repeat not, Tippy Tinkletrousers.  Zombie Nerds move reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally slowly, so if a Zombie Nerd ever lifts his foot over you with the intent of stomping you into a puddle, don't worry.  you actually have a few minuts before you're in any real danger.  Tippy found this out the hard way.  When Zombie Nerd Harold lifted his foot above Tippy's head, Tippy screamed in horror, then he screamed again...& again, then Tippy checked his watch and screamed some more.  Finally, Tippy's voice got a little scratchy from all that screaming, so he went to the store and bought some cherry throat lozenges.  He placed the Giant-Novelty-Ketchup-Pack, under Zombie Nerd Harold's Gigantic Foot & Super-Sized Shoe, and walked away.

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