Zorx, Klax, & Jennifer's Space-Ship, is a Flying-Sauser that appeared in book 3, but was destroyed. It got destroyed by Klax putting "Ultra-Nasty-Self-Destruct-Juice" into the Fuel-Tank. 


Zorx, Klax, & Jennifer's Space-Ship's features are, the Fridge-O-Matic 2000, a Spray-Gun, Fuel-Tank, & A Jail-Cell. 

The Fridge-O-Matic 2000's Cartons

The Fridge-O-Matic 2000's known cartons are, Super Evil Rapid-Growth Juice, Anti-Zombie Nerd Juice, Ultra-Nasty-Self-Destruct Juice, & Extra-Strength-Super-Power Juice.

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